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Panton Junior, the children's chair by designer Verner Panton, is based on the Panton Chair original from 1967. Panton Junior is about a quarter smaller than its big brother. The miniature version of the original from vitra is suitable for children from approximately three years up and can be used as a seat up to primary school. After that Panton Junior, which is available in six different colours, provides an eye-catcher and decorative shelf.

The mini design classic, made from the solid-coloured plastic polypropylene, provides a robust eating accommodation for the little ones. At the same time the Panton Junior is manufactured without dangerous corners and edges where children can hurt quickly. It can be washed off and stacked easily. Despite UV stabilizers which are added to the plastic, the Panton Junior should still not be permanently exposed to the sun. The surface could be damaged.

This design classic is a design original, which is officially manufactured by vitra under license. Continuous quality control and a design that is implemented in close coordination with the bequest of designer Verner Panton, are ensured.  Panton Junior by vitra in Verner Panton archives.

Author: Bianca KILLMANN


vitra | vitra panton junior | Article No. 21019616 | Verner Panton
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Panto Glide Junior felt pads Panton Chair Junior
vitra Panton Chair - Verner Panton
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Panto Glide felt pads Panton Chair