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VerPan Panton Table - Verner Panton

In 1969, the same year half a million people celebrated the Woodstock Music Fair, Verner Panton created the BALL. Once made in blue and red tones, different balls formed many-faceted luminous sculptures. Because of the warm uterus colours the model in red-orange is perfect for nurseries. It calms down babies and small children before they sleep. 

As a table for the Panton Chair Verner Panton designed the Panton Table. The Danish company VerPan  reissued the classic from 1970 true to original. Equipped with a round, easy to clean MDF table top the Panton Table was designed as a dining table, but is suitable as a kitchen table or small conference table.  Panton Table by VerPan in Verner Panton archives.

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